Filip Mlody

Hi there!

Happy you found your way to my blog. I’m not very regular with my posts but when the inspiration strikes me I’m writing about marketing automation, hacking your company’s growth, business books and events.

Marketing Automation and Inbound Marketing Expert in B2B SaaS

Few Facts:

  • Head of Marketing Automation at Xero (ranked as #1 at Forbes’ “Most Innovative Growth Company” in 2014 and 2015)
  • Led the marketing automation effort at Mimecast and Xero
  • Part of the team that received the Marketo 2017 Revvie Globetrotter Award for Most Successful Global Rollout with Xero – while on the position of Marketing Automation Manager in the Global team
  • One of the first hires in the original team that built Dasdak, a Washington, DC based startup with Tracy McGrady (7 time NBA All Star) as an investor and Reggie Love (former personal aide to former US President, Barack Obama) as an adviser
Reggie, Filip, Tmac
Reggie, Filip & T-Mac

Filip Mlody Marketo Certified Expert

I’m writing for people who have 10 minutes to read about marketing and business. Some posts are for advanced players, some for newbies and some just for fun. All are the results of my successes and failures.

For fun I:

  • Read Books
  • Travel
  • Go to the gym
  • Hang out with my close friends
  • Learn ever more about marketing

See my full professional experience on my LinkedIn profile.

Let me know if you think I could help you:

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