Marketing Automation Model for B2B SaaS Companies

Key takeaways at the bottom if you don't like to read full blog posts! Marketing Automation has been a big part of the marketing mix of successful companies for a few years now. They are hungry for automation skills and talent, and managers of those companies recognise the enormous wealth of possibilities that come with … Continue reading Marketing Automation Model for B2B SaaS Companies


The Great Open Rate Debate

If you’re really in a hurry scroll towards the end to get the bolded takeaways but know you’re missing a lot of goodies in the middle. Are you reporting email campaigns based on the metrics provided by your email software? If so, is that because they work, or because they are easy to find? And … Continue reading The Great Open Rate Debate

Drip Marketing 101

The Basics So you're doing Marketing at a B2B company. You have your website working as a lead generator, you do field marketing, spend a lot of money on events, gathering the data and from time to time get some more leads bought from a data-siphoning company. You also have a list of your clients with … Continue reading Drip Marketing 101