Visual vs Text on Twitter


The fact that images in tweets are far more enticing than just plain text tweets has been known for some time already. Even then, it’s always nice to see it in practice. Over the past two days I did a tiny experiment and once again, the power of visual media proved to be no match for regular ‘ol text based tweets. See for yourself – look at the numbers of favorites and retweets on the below.

vs this

As you can see, the differences between visual and text are huge. #growthhacking had better numbers, as the hashtag is on fire for some time, but even with its use, the three text tweets combined didn’t get the same amount of traction as one visual. Agreed, the content definitely played it’s part as well. The image is aimed at a much broader public than other ones but even with that the differences are clear.

This experiment obviously is far from perfect, I’ll be the first to admit it. Nevertheless the results still stand. I mean, if this doesn’t convince you to add images to your tweets then what does?